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April 4th, 2018 Terry Booth didn’t expect his life would come full circle, thanks to Canadian marijuana. He sold pot in high school, peddling quarter ounces for $25 to help out his dad. He spent the next two decades working as an electrician and entrepreneur. And, he planned to semi-retire to the golf course after […]
March 12th, 2018    Canadians will have to wait until at least early August and possibly as late as early September to legally purchase recreational marijuana. That’s the bottom line now that senators have struck a deal to hold a final vote by June 7 on the legislation that will usher in the legal cannabis […]
 February 5th, 2018 Only cannabis and cannabis accessories will be on the shelves in legal marijuana dispensaries in B.C come July. The prohibition is one of several details Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth released Monday. Countless more will come out in the next few months before the new era of legal cannabis arrives in Canada […]
January 10th, 2018 The prospectors in Canada’s new market are working hard and cutting deals as we steadily approach the nationwide legalization of marijuana and weed vaporizers. The Canadian marijuana industry is currently valued at more than $22 billion. This figure includes growing and retail sales, transportation, security, edibles, taxes, and tourism. Canadian entrepreneurs could […]
December 1st, 2017 Marijuana charges have been occurring increasingly in Montreal and elsewhere in Quebec, even though the rest of Canada has been seeing a steady decline in cannabis-related charges. For Canadians over the age of 12, 17,700 were charged with possession last year alone. This number is down from the 21,300 charged just two […]
After only two weeks of marijuana being legally available in Nevada, the state has declared a state of emergency: Their supply can’t meet demand and is running extremely low. Therefore, the issue lies within the lack of the state of distributors who are licensed to sell marijuana. Governor, Brian Sandoval, recently announced the state of […]