Cannabis in Canada: All You Need to Know the Hot Spot of Cannabis Tourism

cannabies canada all you need to know 1

Canada: the Hot Spot of Cannabis Tourism

Canada is now arguably the best place in the world for travelers looking for a cannabis experience. It is the only country that offers a legitimate and excellent location. Most importantly, Canada now is the hotspot in the world of cannabis tourism.

The development of legal cannabis in Canada is not only perfect but also travelers who want a stylish (and legal) cannabis experience can do so relatively easily. Each state offers everything from lounges to shops. Moreover, some tour operators grew up providing tourists with facility tours and curated weed experiences.

cannabies canada all you need to know

How much cannabis can I buy legally in Canada?

Are you ready? You can legally own and carry 30 grams of cannabis anywhere in Canada (of course, as adults). 

What is the legal smoking age?

In most states of Canada, the legal age to use marijuana is 19 years. The legal age is 18 in Quebec. Recently, newly elected governments have pledged to raise the minimum age to 21 years.

Can I smoke anywhere in Canada?

Hoping! Can you imagine Canada as one big hot box? To date, almost all states in Canada have banned smoking both tobacco and cannabis in public indoor areas, public transport, and smoking workplaces.

In Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta, the law states that you can smoke wherever you can smoke. 

Where can I buy cannabis exactly in Canada?

Each state has its own specific rules for purchasing cannabis. So, it is important to remember that weeds are sold legally only in government-regulated stores. Moreover, the stores are usually marked on windows to indicate that they have been approved by the Canadian government.

Many counties have the option to order online. However, if you are not in Canada you will never be able to order legal cannabis online. A closer look at each county and territory’s online cannabis sales website suggests that you can order in the county. They will deliver to your address within a few days. (How come!)

Is edible or cannabis-infused food also legal?

Many have been waiting for the second wave of the Canadian cannabis legalization process in the fall of 2019. Cannabis 2.0, as some have called it, sells cannabis edibles, drinks, concentrates and topicals at certain stores and online stores. 

Until cannabis edibles, concentrates and drinks are legalized in Canada, we are unlikely to see them fully in bars and restaurants. But that doesn’t mean there are no DIY or underground infusion dinners going on across the country or cocktails with CBD being made anywhere.

So, if you are planning to visit Canada and want to try cannabis, the article will provide you all the necessary information. 

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