Rechargeable Vaporizer Battery: Buying Guide for Beginners

rechargeable Vaporizer Battery

Best Guide to Buy Rechargeable Vaporizer Battery

One of the most important aspects of a portable Vaporizers is the method of powering it.

Portable vaporizers rely on replaceable or rechargeable vaporizer batteries to perform their duties.

Almost all portable vaporizers rely on some kind of rechargeable battery.

Consumers should get enough information about buying any portable vaporizer and then pay attention to the bulk of the battery-related information before making a decision.

Vape Batteries: Various Types

The battery of a portable vaporizer can be divided into two groups: one that will be separated from the atomizer and other components of the vaporizer, and one that will not.

Some vaporizers are built so that the battery cannot be used anywhere other than removable. These vape pens often tend to be on the higher end of the vaporizer totem pole. There are other vape pens designed to do it right. For example, the ubiquitous micro-beipu or the supplied battery can be removed from the atomizer and mouthpiece and applied to the same model.

510 Thread Battery-Compatibility / Threading Issues

Another important aspect to keep in mind about the vape battery that all changeable batteries can be replaced. That is, just because the battery can be changed does not mean that it can be used in the vaporizer body.

This is likely due to the “threading” of the battery. This is how you insert the battery into the vaporizer or remove the screws. There are three main types of vaporizer’s threading: 510 threading, eGo-Threading and Atmos threading (610 threading).

The 510 screws are most easily described as a small round hole with a mess of external components. The second kind of threading option is called an eGo thread. It is a combination of a 510 thread that features such a small round hole and an outer screw on the outer rim.

The third category is named Atmos threading, AGO G5 threading, 610, and 710 threading. As expected, AGO G5 products and Atmos products have all threading. In other words, the battery and accessories can be replaced.

Portable Vaporizer’s Battery Power

The key to the vaporizer’s function is how much power the battery can supply.

The simpler the design and components of the vaporizer, the less likely it is to supply a large amount of power from the battery.

If you do not mention the modification of the box, then the discussion of battery power will not be complete.

Nevertheless, the power improvements in box mods allow for a more powerful wax database vaping session, and this type of vaporizer works like a portable pen.

Temperature Control of Vape Battery

In almost the same way that stick shift driving can be associated with an increase or decrease in fuel usage, the presence of voltage control in the vaporizers can be associated with an increase or decrease in power usage.

Therefore, even if you reduce the number of hits and maintain the battery life in the short term, by trying to acquire the same amount of steam, you can extend the battery life in the long run.

The opposite is also true: you may enjoy receiving large amounts of the vape at the best temperature setting, but it’s possible that you’re potentially shortening battery life than setting vape to a milder temperature.

VAPE Battery Charging

Batteries in portable Vaporizer may have different charging methods, especially with different threading.

Perhaps the most common charging method is the USB charging cable. Any Vaporizers that needs this kind of charger and is sold in the Vape Store is equipped with a consumer charger.

When thinking about vape batteries, it is important to note three main areas: the size of the battery, the mAh level of the battery, it’s features and threading. 

If you know about these topics, it is much easier to choose which battery is right for you.

Recommended Rechargeable Vaporizer Battery in Canada


Best Rechargeable Vaporizer Battery in Canada



Product Descriptions:

● VOLTAGE CONTROL 3.4V-3.7-4.0
● 350mAh BATTERY

350 mAh Vaporizer Battery Instructions

Press the button 5 times to turn ON / OFF

Once turned on, Hold down the button to use

(button will turn a solid colour when pressed)

Press button 3 times to adjust voltage, led will light up indicating what voltage you selected.


Green = 3.4V
Blue = 3.7V
Red = 4.0V

Press button 2 times to pre-heat

More Information:

Once USB light goes from RED to GREEN the Vape is fully charged.

Charge vaporizer battery pen after 150 hits.


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